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a dull stupid fatuous person

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Madelyn received final ballot nominations in six categories, including Top Artist, Top Fans, Top Song and Top Video ("He Only Loves Me on the Dance Floor"), Top Interview and Top Dork (a nod to the show's pet name for followers.
When Lucy returns to school, having missed one day, it takes time for her to realize she is now a social dork.
Our observations show that there is an automated infrastructure to control the distribution of dorks and the examination of the results between botnet parts.
High school isn't about academics, it's about clothes, and getting by doing as little as possible, and perfecting the locker-room towel snap so you leave quarter-sized welts on the butts of dorks who volunteer as library monitors.
Back then, I used to think the guys in bands were dorks,'' the 34-year- old CEO said.
The city where the unspeakable has occurred is now hosting the unthinkable--a show where guys just stand around playing with their dorks.
After getting on the wrong side of a sorority queen, she's forced to move in with seven dorks, including a sleepy foreign exchange student, a bashful geek, an allergic-to-everything sneezy nerd and so on up to the lesser-known dork/dwarf Spanky.
DAVID GORDON Green's ``All the Real Girls'' is a love story for dorks, and I mean that in the best possible way.
Now, he said, he hopes that ``people will ease up on the dorks.
Who needs blokes anyway, especially when they're Dorks.
But first: ``We're going to Disneyland,'' joked 17-year-old Roger Rees, a member of the self-proclaimed ``DECA Dorks,'' also known as Camino's nine-person decathlon team.
With Voting Completed in the Online Casting Contest Presented by HandHeld Entertainment and Dorks.
We call ourselves the DECA dorks,'' joked Jackie Moses, a 15-year-old junior who said she and her teammates have essentially been living with each other over the past couple of months, while cramming.
Since mid-November 2006, HandHeld Entertainment has acquired six Web sites that specialize in user-generated content: Dorks.