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a knob used to release the catch when opening a door (often called 'doorhandle' in Great Britain)

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The Sanitizer Door Knob will significantly curtail the chances of illness.
She admits that she rubs door knobs regularly before opening doors in order to clean them and sometimes she rubs so hard that paint comes off in her hands.
If you have to open the same door, but in a hallway, you should check the door knob and hinges as you approach the door and place your left foot in such a position that if the door was kicked or pushed by the threat as you start to open the door, the door would strike your foot and knee not your head or torso.
Thanhauser graduated from Cornell with a degree in electric engineering -- "I can fix a door knob. That's about all I can do in engineering," he smiles ruefully, referring to his first career choice.
positioned adjacent to the rose of the door knob or lever to overlap the
Step 2: The next day, wipe a door knob with a cotton swab and then wipe it onto the gelatin in 1 of the bowls.
Loop the string over the door knob on one side of the door.
My cat jumped on top of my dresser and pushed the door knob with his paws.
Round door knobs can be made easier to grasp and turn with a door knob extension.
You can try a light switch, a door knob, mirrors or glass.
Mr Pritchard Jones said the round part of the door knob seemed to have come off the internal mechanism which was still attached to the door.
She opened the master bedroom) but noticed that the male person was not her husband, prompting her to wrestle with the intruder who grappled the door knob until he was able to lock it from the inside.
Tenders are invited for M8 X 35 Mm Door Knob. Backelite Head.
Polished brass |magnetic door holder, Robert Dyas, Was PS17.99, Now PS8.99 SAVE: PS9 Rimmed chrome |mortice door knob (pair), Wickes, Was PS14.96, Now PS12.47 SAVE: PS2.49 Luxury Arctic faux fur |door stop, BHS, Was PS12, Now PS3.60 SAVE: PS8.40 Six panel knotty pine |internal unglazed door, (1981mm height and 762mm width), B&Q, PS38 or two for PS65 SAVE: PS8 Duck egg casa stripe |curtains (46x54ins), BHS were PS50, Now PS24.99 SAVE: PS25.01 Vintage Poppy lined |pencil pleat curtains (46x54ins), Dunelm, Were PS34.99, Now PS24.49 SAVE: PS10.50
(Although possibly not given the apocryphal tales of tooth extraction using string and a door knob).