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of or relating to or in the manner of John Donne


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The poem begins with a wish for stability that finds expression in a Donnean metaphor of engraving:
The instancing of one phrase from 'The Will' in Cowley's preface as showing 'influence', rather than the ten or so poems in The Mistress (1647) which patently use Donnean ideas as springboards, betrays a very reductive approach.
Is Brodsky really "the first and so far the only Russian poet who can be called truly 'metaphysical' in the Donnean sense"?
Browning's Christmas-Eve and Easter-Day: Formal Verse Satire and the Donnean Influence.
Having spent some twenty years charting the scholarly-critical Donnean dialogue, I have come to conclude that Donne's strongest readers inevitably find themselves mirrored in their reading and writing.
So should he now balance this Donnean flea against the plague?
Ben Saunders is candidly explicit about the peculiarities of his procedure, which seeks "to shed light not only on the specific nature of Donnean desire, but also on the role played by readerly desire within interpretive practice" (2).
Not upon a Lecture, but upon a Sermon': Devotional Dynamics of the Donnean Fisher of Men.
It is only with the next stanza that Donne offers a positive assertion of the relationship between "Discretion" and "Religion": "these are one" The violence of this typical Donnean copulative is underscored by the etymology of his terms: "Discretion" derives from the Latin discernere, "to separate out" and "Religion" (in one etymology hazarded by Cicero [De dorno, 105]) from the Latin religare, "to bind or fasten together.
Perhaps this last essay best reports what we can know, "Not upon a Lecture, but upon a Sermon': Devotional Dynamics of the Donnean Fisher of Men"; its authors, the late Gale H.
W[illiam] S[hakespeare]'s A Funeral Elegy and the Donnean Moment.