Don Juan

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Synonyms for Don Juan

Synonyms for Don Juan

a man who seduces women

a man amorously attentive to women

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any successful womanizer (after the legendary profligate Spanish nobleman)

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A compares Moliere's Don Juan unfavorably to Mozart's Don Giovanni, on the grounds that, by being placed on stage, the former can only resort to seducing girls by promising to marry them, which, as a romantic expedient, is less than heroic: "To deceive a girl with a promise of marriage is a very inferior art, and because someone is small enough to do that, it certainly does not follow that he is great enough to be called Don Juan.
8220;The selection of the name Don Juan Tequila, complements what we believe is the finest distilled Agave Tequilana that is more than a spirit, it's the representation of an entire culture, an understanding of tradition and the art of seduction,” said Vicente.
Three other divisional championship races will also be staged on the Don Juan Derby Day, the Golden Girls Stake-Don Antonio O.
Por estar interesado en la cantidad y no en la calidad a Don Juan poco le importa del origen y tampoco de la condicion social de las mujeres que va encontrando en sus pelegrinajes.
El argumento del primero coloca a don Juan y a Ciutti en el exterior de una taberna en cuyo interior se escuchan las voces de unos hombres que disputan.
Just as Pushkin became for all time the center from which and through which all Russian writers proceed, so too Pushkin's Don Juan incorporated all the mythological features that have become foundational in Russian Don Juanism.
Not with the fiery soul of a Don Juan does one love intensely without professing as much.
Regarding Don Juan's myth, Jean Rousset, in his classic study Le mythe de Don Juan (1973), (6) isolates the invariant features that build the 'permanent Don Juan setting,' namely, hero, feminine group and death.
Situated in the frigid McMurdo Dry Valleys, Don Juan Pond's high salt content-by far the highest of any body of water on the planet-keeps it from freezing into oblivion.
exchanges between Don Juan and the Devil on the merits of the Life
The fire was discovered shortly after a chair was set ablaze at the Jacksons convenience food store that sits next to Shooter's and Don Juan, and investigators have come away convinced that both fires were deliberate.
La leyenda sevillana del don Juan se escenifico por primera vez (algunos afirman que existe una anterior) bajo la pluma de Tirso de Molina entre 1612 y 1625, con el titulo de El burlador de Sevilla y convidado de piedra.
Since its origins in seventeenth-century Spain, the Don Juan myth has given rise to literary discourses of all genres and in literatures of many languages.
Don Juan was the invention of Tirso de Molina, a Spanish monk from a family of converted Jews.
THE MYTHICAL STORY OF THE energetic seducer Don Juan fascinated Europe for three centuries, stirring thinkers such as Soren Kierkegaard and Albert Camus to pen reflections on his character.