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Synonyms for dominance

Synonyms for dominance

the act of exercising controlling power or the condition of being so controlled

Synonyms for dominance

superior development of one side of the body


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the organic phenomenon in which one of a pair of alleles present in a genotype is expressed in the phenotype and the other allele of the pair is not

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This is a process of change because it is no longer possible to make progress and grow in any field of life by relying on the dominant state mentality.
Although the 1866 Constitution stipulated that the Orthodox Church is the dominant state religion (priests were paid by the State and it was provided that the descendants of King Carol were baptized in the Orthodox faith), the state began to exert control over the church.
The agreement for the construction of Gorna Arda hydropower project in southern Bulgaria, between Austria's energy firm EVN and Bulgaria's dominant state power utility NEK was signed during the visit of Prime Minister Boyko Borisov in Vienna in the middle of July 2010.
And after 19 years, power in a one-party dominant state is corrupting democracy.
With all this comes, slowly but surely, not the unipolarity of a dominant state but multipolarity.
As the private sector rocketed ahead, the party concluded in the mid-2000s that a dominant state sector was necessary.
By crafting institutions in which another party is made to alter its domestic institutions as a condition of agreement, the dominant state receives a credible commitment from the other state as to its willingness to adhere to the terms of the specific agreement under negotiation that, in the absence of centralized enforcement, might not otherwise be forthcoming.
Jones links Myanmar's decision to seek ASEAN membership, ASEAN's acceptance of Myanmar and ASEAN's subsequent pressure on the junta to reform politically all to dominant state and capital interests.
The Vata state is the intermediate bihemispheric chemical dominant state.
com)-- The visiongain author of The Indian Defence Market 2012-2022 report commented that: “Despite the continued existence of restraints on the market such as slow tender processes and a dominant state sector, huge opportunities exist for a wide variety of defence firms.
This decline in oil prices was due to the ongoing world sovereign debt crisis, the dominant state of anxiety towards the predicament of world economy, especially in Europe and China, and the rising fears of the Middle East geopolitics.
A unipolar world, however--in which one state, by virtue of its military might and economic clout, dominates--is inherently threatening to weaker states, even when that dominant state is a liberal democracy.
The perennial Russian order -- the dominant state and a powerless, fragmented society -- remains largely in place.
Moreover, once a dominant state has acquired the power resources necessary to guarantee nonviolent interaction within its region, compliance with economic liberalization, and so on, there are high economies of scale for leadership; that is, the inclusion of additional subordinates into the system is cheap compared to the costs of building the system.
The transition of power from one dominant state to another is a familiar historical pattern, but power diffusion is a more novel process.
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