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an allele that produces the same phenotype whether its paired allele is identical or different


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A pair of unacquainted crayfish will readily form a dominance relationship, even in the absence of resources other than space (Bovbjerg, 1953; Herberholz et al.
Then Proposition 2 follows from the well-known results about stochastic dominance relationships and the fact that [?
The experimental design called for 2 test series: first when the males of a pair were unfamiliar with each other (naive) and, second, after they had established a dominance relationship.
g]; (3) otherwise, there is no dominance relationship between the two settlements.
Furthermore, clear dominance relationships between kangaroo rat species have been described by Blaustein and Risser (1976) and Bleich and Price (1995).
When an increase in risk is characterized by a shift of the distribution function that is represented by a stochastic dominance relationship, the level of utility under the stochastically dominated distribution must fall.
A clear dominance relationship was evident from the first observational session and persisted unchanged throughout the experiment (Fig.
The first fight served to establish the dominance relationship, the second (1 h later) was used to confirm that relationship, and the third (either 1, 4, or 7 days later) was used to determine how long the effects of the initial two fighting periods continued to influence subsequent fighting behavior.
Analyzing dominance relationships by sociometric methods: a plea for a more standardized and precise approach in farm animals.
The pattern of social relationships between group members, particularly the coalitionary relationships and the more tolerant dominance relationships between males, can be understood as a defence strategy against group invasion by extraneous males (Perry 1997, 1998).
An intricate network of deferential and dominance relationships, tempered by the possibility of modest advances in status, corresponded well to the finely measured nuances of achievement implied by the rhetoric of capacity.
The book addresses such topics as behavioural differences between males and females, brain-to-body ratios, how juveniles learn to integrate with the group and learn the complexities of social conflict and dominance relationships.
Bergman of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia and his colleagues wanted to know whether female baboons could also discern dominance relationships between members of their own family and those of other families in the same community.
As Marler (1955b) found with chaffinches, we were sometimes able to shift the birds' dominance relationships by color manipulations.
Effects of cohesiveness on intersexual dominance relationships and spatial structure among group-living virtual entities.