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a unit of pain intensity

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the federal department responsible for promoting the working conditions of wage earners in the United States

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In addition, DOL implemented a departmentwide five-level rating system to better distinguish varying levels of performance for all sixteen thousand employees.
Other centralized systems facilitate budget planning, execution, and management from the departmental level down to the individual employees in DOL agencies.
Leveraging technology, DOL was the first federal agency to fully integrate its own recruitment system with USAJOBS through an online recruiting system.
In October 2008, was presented the Government Computer News Award, which recognizes DOL and for the site's extraordinary information technology accomplishments and significant contributions to agency performance.
DOL's ongoing systems integration accomplished two important goals: its resources are more efficiently managed and coordinated and its employees are better positioned to accomplish the department's mission.
Dols' treatment of insanity is hardly limited to its medical aspects, narrowly considered.
Given the diversity of sources Dols perused - in virtually every language relative to scholastic writing in the Middle East from the Hellenistic to the Ottoman periods - as he researched this topic, transliteration of terms was bound to present problems.