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Synonyms for dolomite

a kind of sedimentary rock resembling marble or limestone but rich in magnesium carbonate

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a light colored mineral consisting of calcium magnesium carbonate

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To study the influence of light gaseous ends in the crude oil on wettability, the DDDC experiments were conducted using both Yates live and stocktank crude oils and Yates synthetic brine on dolomite rock substrates at Yates reservoir conditions of 4.
An estimated six million tonnes of dolomite rock (limestone) was crushed, sized and shipped from the company port last year.
Some rocks are chertified dolomite (10 to 50% silica) and represent both intermediate stages of chertification and transitional contact zones between chert and dolomite rock.
These dolomite rocks are worth a look as they sometimes contain little cavities (called vugs) that may house calcite crystals.
The sedimentary succession from Permian to Recent consists almost entirely of limestones and dolomite rocks inter-bedded with shales and evaporites.
Neatly nestled in the Dolomite rocks, Cortina d'Ampezzo offers fun-packed, adrenaline-inducing workouts for both experienced, and novice hikers and bikers alike.
Follow the track onto a westward-tilting plateau, where jack rabbits and marmots scamper among the smooth white dolomite rocks.