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Synonyms for doll

doll yourself up


  • dress up
  • get ready
  • preen
  • primp
  • gussy up
  • tart yourself up
  • deck yourself out
  • prink
  • titivate yourself
  • trick yourself out
  • put on your best bib and tucker
  • put on your glad rags

Synonyms for doll

a person regarded as physically attractive

doll up: to dress in formal or special clothing

Synonyms for doll

informal terms for a (young) woman

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Collectors of both hina dolls and Hatsune Miku merchandise may keep their wallets in their pockets.
Many of the lifelike dolls are crafted as sleeping infants, but for residents with cognitive decline, the closed eyes could cause residents to wonder why they can't "wake them up.
As with all of Brenda's dolls, only Dianna Effner doll sculpts are used in the creative process.
Fifteen top Doha-based Filipino fashion designers showcased their talents by dressing up their dolls and recreating scenes to demonstrate the floral theme of the event.
She gives used dolls what people like to call make-unders.
The 13 essays in this volume examine the meaning of dolls and girls' play practices and productions.
More than 100 varieties of dolls, each with a different facial expression allured the visitors, who were stunned by the delicate beauties and were left gasping for more.
This was confirmed by a number of people, including parents and kids, who said their love for dolls will never die, no matter how advanced children's toys keep getting in this time and age.
She isn't threatened by the dolls - she knows I'm not going to run off with an 80-pound piece of silicone shaped like a woman.
When Ruth Handler suggested the idea of an adult bodied doll to her husband Elliot, a co-founder of the Mattel toy company, he was not interested.
The 53-year-old bases some of her dolls on the Maasai of East Africa and others on masks she admires from Ivory Coast.
Collectors of dolls in general and Shirley Temple memorabilia in particular will relish The Complete Guide To Shirley Temple Dolls Collectibles Identification & Value Guide (1574325051, $29.
To find African American dolls, ask family and friends for recommendations and log on to www.