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ratio (in percent) of the maximum breadth to the maximum length of a skull

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Sr Head shape Cephalic Range 1 Dolicocephalic -- <74.9 2 Mesocephalic 75< CI <79.9 3 Brachycephalic 80< CI <84.9 4 Hperbrachycephalic 85< CI <89.9 CI <89.9 Table II.
Despite the prevalence of dolicocephalic skulls, as revealed by independently taken linear size measurements (means [CI.sub.Early and Middle archaic samples] = 0.68, [CI.sub.Late archaic sample] = 0.72) ([F.sub.(2,27)] = 1.415, p = 0.26 after one-way ANOVA), the two-way MANOVA for landmark data, showed significant differences in skull shape variation due to geographical origin (Wilk's Lambda = 0.329, [Fst.sub.(8,21)] = 5.363, p = 9.38E-004), but not to chronological period (Wilk's Lambda = 0.538, [Fst.sub.(8,21)] = 2.251, p = 0.07).
Robertson and Roberts (1995) reported that mesaticephalic and dolicocephalic breeds of dogs were more prone to lateral canthal entropion because of restricted mobility of commissure due to presence of tight musculo-fibrous band.
This finding is similar to another study was done on Fars males in North of Iran, reported that 52% of individuals were hyperbrachycephalic, 25% brachycephalic (Golalipour, 2006a), and another study in Tehran-Iran, reported that 36.6% of the individuals were brachycephalic, 29.9 % hyperbrachycephalic that it differ from the study in India (Bhatia et al., 1955), which reported the dominant type dolicocephalic (58.5%), del Sol study in Chile and other study with mesocephalic (Marquer & Chamela, 1961).
Breeds with dolicocephalic and brachycephalic head shape had higher incidence of dystocia than mesocephalic breeds (Gunn-Moore and Thrusfield, 1995).