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military identification tag worn on a chain around the neck

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metal plate on a dog collar bearing its registration number

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Later, I noticed the Dogtag was dangling from a silver chain around her neck.
UTAG can be worn on a dogtag chain, zip pull or keyring and costs just pounds 19.
Stewart, 65, sported a special dogtag publicising the drive against bullies.
Bracelets - one made out of dogtag chain and the other a gift from Dubai
I unrolled from a soft cloth my father's prison-camp dogtag and wear the little tongue of gray steel as a pendant.
No man But the fragments of metal Tho there were men there were men Fought No man but the fragments of metal Burying my dogtag with H For Hebrew in the rubble of Alsace
Dogtag Summer Lizabeth Partridge Bloomsbury Publishing 175-5th Ave.
This dogtag inspired necklace from Urban Decay slides open to reveal gorgeous shades of lip-gloss to keep your pout perfect all day long.
Where is the metal dogtag that all military personnel wear around their neck?
I've followed Not Dead Yet (even wore an NDY dogtag for a while), I read about the Nazis, and I can anticipate a perceived need and support: for a little ethnic cleansing in this country.
The deceased airman, from Australia, was soon identified when a dogtag, with name and service number, a lucky sixpence and a St Christopher were unearthed.
They provide them with the real thing - a personalised dogtag engraved with a web address.
Thankfully, he recovered ( and with the help of skiing friend Mike Welby, Dave subsequently launched Dogtag Insurance ( with a dogtag embedded with a web address and personal reference number which can be accessed anywhere in the world.
I had great fun making the bra and felt the end result does reflect my personality, particularly the little 'trouble' dogtag.