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a city in the center of Tanzania that has been designated as the future capital

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Nane zilibaki kwa mwili wangu nikapelekwa Dodoma kutibiwa mara ya kwanza.
But even 44 years after being designated Tanzania's new capital, Dodoma has failed to displace Dar es Salaam as the centre of Tanzanian power.
June 24: In Tanzania, 288 die in a train accident near Dodoma.
Air Tanzania Company Limited (ATCL) has reported plans to start at least 11 new regular routes including Dodoma after receiving the two new aircraft expected next month, the company said.
From inception in April 2015 in Dar Es Salaam, Tigo 4G LTE has expanded to Arusha, Tanga, Dodoma, Morogoro, Moshi, Mwanza, Tabora, Musoma, Bukoba, Kigoma and Shinyanga and plans are underway to cover all major cities before the end of this year.
A historically important deposit of chrysoprase and prase opal in Tanzania is located at Haneti, situated north of Dodoma in central Tanzania (Shigley et al.
I became involved with a partnership between the Dodoma Capital Christian Church (CCC)--a large but very poor congregation, with their rural church plants--and a small UK-registered charity, Tanzania (UK) Trust (referred to here as 'the Trust').
The delegation led by the former South Sudanese minister of higher education, professor Peter Adwok Nyaba, who now leads the reorganisation process of the party in the rebels controlled areas, left Addis Ababa for Dodoma on Sunday.
Because of a directive from the local authorities this had to be relocated at short notice from the affected village area to the nearby town of Dodoma, the Tanzanian national capital.
We flew into Dar Es Salaam, then there was a seven-hour drive to the capital Dodoma which we did over two days.
The study was conducted in Dodoma region, central Tanzania, which is located at 6[degrees]10'23"S 35[degrees]44'31"E, and 1,120 m above sea level.
Since 1996, the official capital of Tanzania has been Dodoma, where the country's parliament and some government offices are located.
vvch f Diableretta (1947, Dante - Dodoma, by Dastur).
This article is based on information from the continuous work against FGM in 45 villages by the Singida and Dodoma chapters of the Inter-African Committee on Traditional Practices, Tanzania, from 2003 through 2072.