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a small low-powered electrically powered vehicle driven on a special platform where there are many others to be dodged


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Barry Island Pleasure Park owner Henry Danter, below, has been ordered to pay PS35,000 in fines and court costs after his dodgems building breached planning regulations
Girls on the waltzer screamed for effect and the dodgems sparked and rumbled.
Mr McDyer said: "On the final day of the 2017 Hull Fair, our officers, who were policing the event, took a five-minute break to have some fun and engage with the fairground organisers by taking to the dodgems.
Police defended the dodgem play time, insisting the "break to have some fun" only lasted five minutes.
What else is there to do on a Bank Holiday and who doesn't love the dodgems.
Yna daeth y dodgems ac ar un adeg roedd yna bum set o rheiny yn ein teulu ac yn trafaelio o amgylch y wlad.
There's ageing slut Rita, the attractive Kiss-Me-Quick Carol and, best of all, Sean the King of the Dodgems and Stud of the Fair - played by former Footballers' Wives star Cristian Solimeno.
The range extends from small countline bags, large hanging bags and a multi bag containing 16 mini bags, with a countline in three varieties -- Chewy Dodgems (a funky fusion of jelly and foam), Flashy GTIs (soft, sugared juicy jellies) and Grand Prix Pile-ups (smashing fruity gums and jellies), priced for the after school/impulse trade at 25p for 40g.
POLICE, lifeboatmen and Coastguards had to cast their net wide in an early morning chase after a prawn- fishing boat began playing dodgems with other sea-farers.
A THEME park's dodgems boss has waltzered off to retirement after clocking up 50 years service.
Police officers ended their week of peaceful patrols by taking over the dodgems.
Aaron Hunter was working on the dodgems at a pleasure beach when his wandering eye fell on Sarah Allen as she sold iced treats.
Clr Bolt had a go on the dodgems before spinning a waltzer liKe a pro.
But she hung on for dear life on the swings and looked scared on the dodgems.
ANNIE'S OUTINGS The ferry to New Brighton Then splashing about in the sea Journeys by train to Moreton Were utter bliss to me Annie my dearest mum Took us on these seaside trips In those bygone days of yore Ice cream tubs and candy floss Who could ask for anything more We went for a ride on the ferris wheel Then tried the dodgems too Screamed with fright on the Ghost Train But went back again and again I look back on those special outings And long for those days once more Annie my mum died a long time ago In those wonderful days of yore by Mrs L.