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a small low-powered electrically powered vehicle driven on a special platform where there are many others to be dodged


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30pm to reports of youths who had taken a dodgem car from the fair and were riding around in it - by pushing it.
Matthew Davenport was visiting the Conwy Valley Railway Museum, in Betws-y-Coed, with his dad last October when he fell off a wall after going on the dodgem cars.
I really loved those electric dodgem cars where the object was to avoid being struck by one of the other cars.
One of the ideas was to have bikini models on motorbikes drive 1,000 sheep through Auckland * All Black legend Sean Fitzpatrick sits in a dodgem car shaped as a hand as part of a campaign to get the New Zealand public to show their support for the All Blacks by abstaining from sex until the World Cup kicks off
MuG_23 Alternative vote I and a couple of my friends find it fascinating that some Racing Post readers prefer the dodgem car racing that has just finished at the Chester greyhound track when there is the classy alternative taking place at Punchestown.
While Active Steering may mean you never have to cross your hands while parking up because it increases the turn rate at low speeds it also has the initial effect of making this benchmark BMW feel a bit like a fairground dodgem car.
Even his team leader seems unsure whether he'll put in appearances at dodgem car, let alone F1, races.
Matthew, from Portland Street, Birkenhead, went on a dodgem car.
By popular demand the Howard Brothers will be in attendance again this year with their famous steam driven gallopers and the Victorian fairground will have the added attraction of a 1922 vintage dodgem car ride.
It's like being in a dodgem car every time an event finishes, with hundreds of cars trying to make the exit at the same time.
ALL THE FUN OF THE FAIR Left, Kenneth Reader of Corporate Funfairs with Gary Hutchinson of the Stadium of Light try out a dodgem car
Cardiff Bus found its oldest and smallest bus, which was late, already full, and had a ride quality akin to a fairground dodgem car.
We'd sat in a spangly red dodgem car and he'd steered it into a blue one a travelling boy was driving, the force throwing me into a mild shock and sending a series of blue and silver sparks across the circuit ceiling.
The first editions of the failed Grange Hill magazine turn out to be worth just a few pounds and even the early fairground dodgem car was only valued at pounds 1,000.