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In a career that spans more than 16 years, Jason Ellis has photographed over 200 fitness magazine covers worldwide and has directed 3 documentary movies.
Produce documentary movies which show the exerted efforts at the Council Countries to keep the environment safe and employ clean technologies in the different stages of oil industry.
Although it was the first time the captains had gathered together for the event, Shatner had last year met and interviewed each one for his documentary movie Captains.
According to details documentary movie (premiere) would be screened on the occasion to highlight role of pastoralists which would be followed by discussions on landless mobile pastoralism and policy message.
Showing of documentary movie by Canadian filmmaker Barri Cohen; discussion to follow includes panelists from Oregon Toxics Alliance, Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde, UO Environmental Studies and UO Coalition Against Environmental Racism.
SACHA Baron Cohen erases all memories of his terrible Ali G film with this fantastic fake documentary movie about his Kazakh character, Borat.
The 29-year-old Mirra has cashed in on his celebrity status with a documentary movie, the Dave Mirra Super Park Tour and Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX video games.
based SOL CARIBE, LLC, to package and promote a 75-minute documentary movie production, 14-track music CD and book, featuring the top 12 most iconic and prolific Dominican artists who helped create the rhythms of the Island.
Speaking at the premiere of documentary movie Breaking the Taboo in London last night, he said: "The war on drugs has been a failure.
On the occasion, the Ugandan First Lady watched documentary movie portraying the role of Eritrean women in the armed struggle for independence.
Events will include free yoga classes each day, a Barbie doll expanded to life size, several talks and a documentary movie, "America the Beautiful," that looks at the problems raised by stereotyped ideas of female beauty.
Ifakat" won "Proxima" award, which is the biggest prize in documentary movie category, in the 2nd International Cinepecs Film Festival in Hungary between October 4 and 10.
The event has previously been captured in a successful 1970 documentary movie, Woodstock, and Joni Mitchell's song Woodstock.
org But this is the rock documentary movie you really must seek out given that it's only playing the Electric Cinema on station street, at 6.
00pm THIS was the first documentary movie to break out of the TV and do great things on the big screen.
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