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HOLLYWOOD actor Michael Sheen has narrated a documentary movie about the river that runs through his home town of Port Talbot.
A CROWD-FUNDING campaign has been launched in a bid to complete a documentary movie about one of Birmingham's biggest bands.
To produce this book and an accompanying documentary movie to help prepare students for law school, Noreuil followed nine of his students through law school, gathering them together multiple times each semester to share their feelings, thoughts, complaints, and ideas about law school.
The District Nazim watched a pictorial and documentary movie on the activities of the trust and registered his comments in the visitors' book and also fill membership form of the trust.
A NEW documentary movie about legendary Irish jockey Tony McCoy's final season is due to be released later this year.
A documentary movie premiered during the event documented the places that delegation had visited in Syria and featured testimonies by Syrians talking about terrorist acts committed by foreign and Arab backed-terrorists.
Not long ago, people were sheepish about taking long-haul flights, the Al Gore climate change documentary movie An Inconvenient Truth was a must-see and the world feared for the fate of polar bears.
The pavilions include a documentary movie about the history of the UAE, an interactive timeline, a visual tour to understand the background of the formation of the union, a digital copy for the UAE Constitution and an open gallery offering an insight into the new-born nation.
THE documentary movie Jack to a King about Swansea City's "rags to riches" rise to the upper echelons of the Premier League is to go on tour.
In the documentary movie Starsuckers, he took credit for Simon Cowell's success.
A documentary movie about work of Eurasica - organization which unites archives of the former Soviet Union countries, was made in Kyrgyzstan.
Earlier this year, a documentary movie posted on a Lebanese website unveiled details of a plot by the French and Turkish intelligence services to assassinate President Bashar al-Assad and other senior officials of Syria.
Monday; buy raffle tickets for gift certificates, watch the documentary movie "The Secret of Oz," which explores how bankers lobbied to hand control of the money supply to the Federal Reserve in 1913; donations accepted.
DOCUMENTARY MOVIE Eyewitness Gaza (movie) About current conditions and struggles in Gaza based on Schiel's photography, directed by Tom Jackson of Joe Public Films.
Sharmeen received this award for her much talked about documentary movie of "Saving Face" a journey regain the lost hope and life of acid burn victims in Pakistan.
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