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an honorary degree in science

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22 ( ANI ): Google Doodle, today, celebrates 100th birthday of Asima Chatterjee, a renowned Indian chemist, who was the first female Doctorate of Science in India from an Indian University.
In 1980, he was awarded a research based Doctorate of Science (D.
Fels, who received an honorary Doctorate of Science in Business Administration degree in 2007, now serves as the Nichols College interim president.
He published many books and research papers and, in 2000, was awarded an honorary Doctorate of Science by the university.
Richardson also just finished her terminal professional degree in the Doctorate of Science program at Texas Tech University through a distance learning program.
A doctorate of Science, a month after induction, he was manager of an advanced space vision system.
The SPLM chairman received an Honorary Doctorate of Science by the Great Lakes University of Kisumu (GLUK) in recognition of peaceful transition during the demise of his predecessor John Garang who was killed in a helicopter crash in July 2005.
In addition to a Bachelor of Science degree in bioengineering from Texas Southern University and a Master of Science in electronics engineering technology from Pittsburg State University, Gaith holds a Doctorate of Science in engineering management from University of Southern California and has studied executive leadership and management at Rice University.
Mr Williams, a veteran of two space shuttle missions, was being presented with the honorary doctorate of science by Archbishop of Wales Dr Barry Morgan, Pro-Chancellor of the University of Wales.
He was awarded an honorary Doctorate of Science from the Macquarie University in 1998 in recognition of his service to the advancement of natural history and science.
Recently, he received an honorary Doctorate of Science degree from Art Center for his contributions to the field of motion-picture visual effects.
Neil Lewis, chief technology officer for Malvern Instruments, has been honoured by the University of Glamorgan in Wales with the award of an Honorary Doctorate of Science for his contribution to science and innovation.
Queen's University gave a Doctorate of Science to Belfast-born Dr Michael McKay for services to space exploration.
Judith Oulton, a former New Brunswick nurse and current executive director of the International Council of Nurses based in Geneva, will be awarded an honorary doctorate of science in nursing from the Universite de Moncton, Edmundston Campus, at the spring convocation to be held May 19, 2007 in Edmundston.
An honorary Doctorate of Science will be presented to Sir John Pattison.