Doctor of Theology

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a doctor's degree in theology


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Joseph Fiennes (Shakespeare in Love) is credible portraying the driven and very human Luther; a man who disobeyed his father's wishes that he be a lawyer and became, instead, a priest and a doctor of theology.
Professor of theology at Geneva Academy 1581-1610; named supreme doctor of theology and Beze's successor in 1600.
One can become a registered doctor of theology upon payment of twenty dollars (the last time I checked), and can purchase Ph.
During the early 1990s, a doctor of theology from the USA offered help to our church to put up another floor on the church building.
The second section addresses deductive discourse, analysing Will's encounters with Thought, Wit, Study, Clergy, and Scripture and the Doctor of Theology.
He earned the Doctor of Theology degree from the Iliff School of Theology in Denver, in 1937 after extensive graduate work in the area of Theology in Switzerland.
Smith presently holds a Master's Degree in Religious Education, a Doctor of Divinity Degree, and a Doctor of Theology Degree and has published several articles, in nationwide religious publications.
An integral part of EST, the Ecumenical Institute of Post-Graduation (IEPG) created the master of theology program in 1981 and the doctor of theology program in 1990.
Now that Eugene Kennedy has bedazzled us with his brilliant and scholarly theological masterpiece, let me make a suggestion to him: Please write an abbreviated version in plain English, so that we poor readers who don't possess multiple doctor of theology degrees can better comprehend your message.
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