Doctor of Osteopathy

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doctor's degree in osteopathy


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Bodell, a board certified surgeon, received his Doctor of Osteopathy degree from the A.
degrees (although one is a non-practicing HMO executive in southern California), one is a Doctor of Osteopathy (and a dean at Ohio University in Athens), two are physician assistants, and one is a nurse practitioner.
One survey showed that only about 15 percent of the population knew what a doctor of osteopathy was.
Bryant earned his doctor of osteopathy degree from the College of Osteopathic Medicine, Michigan State University, East Lansing and his undergraduate degree from Stanford University.
I wanted to get paid," says Martin, who earned his doctor of osteopathy degree in Texas and completed a residency in internal medicine at the University of Colorado.
We discuss in pretty great detail what's involved, and we decide together,'' says Chugay, a doctor of osteopathy who studied at the Chicago College of Osteopathy and Medicine and performed a plastic surgery fellowship in Rio de Janeiro.
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