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"We are disappointed that the DOJ has missed this but also confident that in the next phase of this process the full scope of the competition we face will be recognised appropriately," he said.
2) Feria, Jerome Christopher Vicente - DOJ, NPS, OCP - Quezon City - Prosecutor II (Assistant City Prosecutor)
The DOJ wants T-Mobile to allow Dish to have unlimited access to the merged company's network.
De Lima, a staunch critic of the President, also asked the DOJ to focus on investigating more pressing issues such as extra-judicial killings (EJKs) under the administration's drug war and cases involving the President's critics.
'For the past 28 years, this is the first time the PSC partnered with DOJ and we are hoping that this positive move will help create unity among us,' Iroy said.
'And we all want to have a clear picture and understanding on this,' he said, adding that 1MDB is not a party to the DOJ lawsuit.
As part of the DOJ resolution, General Cable will pay a penalty of approximately USD20.5 million.
DOJ alleged that Regions also "failed to review early payment default [EPD] loans in accordance with HUD guidelines." HUD requires lenders to review all FHA loans that become 60 days past due within the first six months.
Even though companies must provide all relevant facts about individuals involved in corporate misconduct to be eligible for any cooperation credit, the DOJ will likely not explicitly require companies to waive attorney-client privilege to provide those facts.
But, on the brighter side (for UBS at least), there is news that the DOJ won't be charging UBS in matters related to manipulation of the precious metals market.
Insisting that it was not hostile to vouchers--or, by extension, to the children, parents, or private schools that could benefit from them--the Obama administration's Department of Justice (DOJ) in August 2013 mounted an attack on Governor Bobby Jindal's Louisiana voucher program that shocked the editorial page of the Washington Post ("Voucher Madness," September 2, 2013).
the Department of Justice (DOJ) has given regulatory approval to a proposed merger between US Airways Group and AMR Corp., parent company of American Airlines.
DOJ extended the compliance date for 60 days--to May 15--for existing pools.