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With an existing structure established to consolidate the odd and varied support that is provided by the DoD on contingency operations, the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (C) has recently extended the responsibilities of DFAS-DE/ICCI to include these Economy Act billings as well.
The war against terrorism also prompted DoD to adopt "a system that allows us to move individuals quickly and have a more agile way of assigning people, and more specifically, figuring out what competencies they have," she said.
Proposes revisions to requirements for reporting of government property in the possession of DoD contractors.
Hicks, Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering, proposed that a meeting be held as soon as possible so that DOD can present its case before what would probably be a largely skeptical university audience.
Architecture reuse through broad support for DoD reference models and guidance documents.
Unmanned Aircraft Systems: New DoD Programs Can Learn from Past Efforts to Craft Better and Less Risky Acquisition Strategies, GAO-06-447, March 15, 2006
This allows the Secretary of Defense to withhold from public disclosure any sensitive technical data that DOD controls and that would require an export license under the Export Administration Act.
What are the implications for the industrial base of increased DoD acquisition of services?
Standards Conformance and Interoperability Tests Prove that FLASHWAVE MSPPs can be Deployed in the DOD Network
DoD implements SmartBUY through the DoD Enterprise Software Initiative (DoD ESI) Team, which works closely with SmartBUY leaders to provide DoD commercial software requirements, to manage selected SmartBUY agreements and to assist DoD buyers with use of all SmartBUY agreements.
Alion Science and Technology announced that it has been awarded a contract modification from the DoD Weapons Systems Information Analysis Center (WSTIAC) valued at $60.
Effective 30 days after the date of this memorandum, Department of Defense (DoD) contracting activities shall continue to suspend the use of the price evaluation adjustment for small disadvantaged businesses (SDBs) in DoD procurement, as prescribed in the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) subpart 19.
The report details DoD spending and performance in four major environmental program areas: conservation, environmental restoration, compliance, and pollution prevention.
This agreement was signed by the Defense Logistics Agency on behalf of the Department of Defense Enterprise Software Initiative (ESI), a joint DoD project designed to streamline software procurement across all DoD Components.