Dmitri Shostakovich

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Russian composer best known for his fifteen symphonies (1906-1975)

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Camera (color, B&W), Christophe Beaucarne; editor, Mieville; music, excerpts from works by Thomasz Stanko, Arvo Paart, Lester Bowie, Dmitri Shostakovitch, Keith Jarrett, Camille Saint-Saens; art director, Dominique Roubaud; costume designers, Florence Sadaune, Maika Guezel; sound (Dolby), Francois Musy.
"What really went to my heart first, more than anything else, was Dmitri Shostakovitch," del Barrio explains, "because my father had an incredible love for Russian music and French composers like Ravel and Debussy.
The musical work we have chosen this time is one of the most-recorded string quartets of modern times, the 8th of Dmitri Shostakovitch. The CDs we have chosen are both available for a low price, and both are representative of complete sets.