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capital and largest city of Indonesia

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Private Djakarta, April to July', Spreckley to Holt, 4-7-1962, enclosing extract from Business News 777/778, OA/1869/1.
Companies Mentioned in this Report: PT Delta Djakarta, PT Multi Bintang Indonesia, Bali Hai Brewery, Sarinah Jaya (Persero)
Djakarta, SANA -- The Syrian Olympic football team met its Indonesian counterpart in a friendly match on Tuesday in Surabaya city as part of their preparations for AFC U-23 Asian Cup, with the match ending in a 1-1 tie.
According to the introduction to his 1970 series of articles in The Djakarta Times, (53) he later also received assistance from the Department of Information and Social Affairs, which developed and printed some 1,500 photographs of his past work.
After receiving an honorable discharge from the Navy, she embarked on new adventures overseas, working for various companies, including the Arabian American Oil Company in Saudi Arabia, an architectural firm in Libya, and an engineering firm in their Djakarta, Indonesia and Taipei, Taiwan, locations.
Ben Prado, who was in charge of Filipino seafarers in Djakarta, Indonesia.
Even in 1956, when India strongly backed the Afro-Asian Conference in Djakarta, there had been no consultations with her immediate southern neighbor.
In a statement by Iraqi foreign ministry, Iraqi ambassador to Djakarta Abdulla Hassan Saleh met today Indonesian Defence Minister, where the desire of cooperation was discussed.
They base this opinion on the texts signed by states, on undertakings they have made and on points awarded by the OECD, which will hold its next Global Tax Transparency Forum from 25 to 27 November in Djakarta, Indonesia.
sont autant de phenomenes charries par l'apres 11 septembre, et qui ont finalement servi de terreau a une metastase sans precedent du terrorisme qui a aveuglement ensanglante le monde musulman de Casablanca a Djakarta (Indonesie).
During his work with the SQA, Mr Cook travelled to Beirut in Lebanon, Djakarta in Indonesia, Cairo in Egypt and was on a business trip to Saudi Arabia when unrest broke out in Bahrain, where he said he was required to help with the evacuation of employees.
China is planning 70 new airports by 2015 and annual growth for Beijing airport is projected at 13%, together with 19% for Djakarta, 15% for Dubai and 11% for Hong Kong.
Avant de s'installer au Nouveau Caire, Kidzania a conquis les villes comme Tokyo (Japon), Mexico City (Mexique), Djakarta (Indonesie), Dubai (Emirats arabes unis) et Lisbonne (Portugal).
Obama lived in Djakarta between the ages of six and 10.
The Book brings together contributions from a variety of authors from a variety of countries and also includes extended Papers presented at the 2010 Djakarta Conference on 'The Concept of Lex Sportiva Revisited' organised, amongst other bodies, by the Indonesia Lex Sportiva Instituta, whose Executive Director, Hinca I Pandjaitan, has written the Foreword to this Book, which he describes as "timely" and with which your reviewer would entirely agree