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United States social reformer who pioneered in the reform of prisons and in the treatment of the mentally ill

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The work benefits Mr Dix now wails against were in the Conservative manifesto, many millions voted for the Tories, millions more than voted for Labour, almost a hundred more seats than Labour.
Before the meeting Coun Dix said he did not believe he had anything to apologise for, and thought the bid to discipline him for voicing his views was the kind of approach that turns the public off politics.
Walter Dix and Co's premises feature a dedicated area where regular demonstrations are held on both AGA and conventional range cookers.
Mum-of-six Hazel from Redditch, Worcestershire, had met Dix after her son Adam had befriended him in jail.
I have worked with Deb Dix for over 20 years and I believe she is a great fit for this appointment," said Woletz.
Professor Dix, an academic at the University of Birmingham, will be summarising his journey so far in a special lecture at Glyndw r University on Thursday from 7pm.
beaucoup moins que]L'Isaf, la force de l'Otan en Afghanistan, qui indiquait jusqu'alors que "jusqu'a dix femmes et enfants avaient ete blesses mais non pas tues", selon l'un de ses porte-parole dimanche apres-midi, a declare quelques heures plus tard qu'elle "prenait acte des informations sur la mort de dix enfants", selon un autre de ses communicants[beaucoup plus grand que], rapporte le NouvelObs.
Dix enjoyed reading, travel, fishing and golf and was a founding member of the Sterling Country Club.
Dix was an enthusiastic (but non-nationalist) volunteer, and displayed remarkable psychic resilience during his service: his letters from the front are both cool and literarily composed, at one in spirit with Jiinger's Storm of Steel rather than Remarque's All Quiet on the Western Front.
Dix Mille Villages sells artisan-crafted items from around the globe.
Mid-way through the movie Dix and Laurel are wholly in love with one another, and Dix, in particular, is at peace with his Hollywood career, writing non-stop throughout the night a script based on--but which does not adhere to--the plot of a popular, trashy novel.
Mr Dix cut as much of the net away as possible and the badger was transported to Vale Wildlife Hospital in Tewkesbury for further treatment.
Saudi-based KAS Investment company has announced the soft launch of its luxurious hotel project, 'Le Dix,' which has been built at a cost of $25 million in Beirut.
IT CANNOT be long before Hester Dix is recognised and picks up her first Scotland vest.
Walter Dix wasn't quite the last man standing, but after the battle of attrition that was the men's 100 meters, he was the one on the top level of the awards stand Friday evening in the USA Outdoor Track & Field Championships at Hayward Field.