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Synonyms for divisor

one of two or more integers that can be exactly divided into another integer

the number by which a dividend is divided

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(A number p is prime when its only divisors are 1 and itself.
In fact, both 12 and 60 share the property that they have more divisors than any number smaller than themselves.
(2) Let [f.sub.*]: [N.sup.1](Y) [right arrow] [N.sup.1](X) be the map induced from the push-forward map D [??] [f.sub.*]D of divisors. Then the dual map [f.sup.*]: [N.sub.1](X) [right arrow] [N.sub.1](Y) is an isomorphism and [f.sup.*] [[bar.NE](X) = [[bar.NE](Y).
Thereafter we have seen the dimensional divisor (LxWxH/x) reduced from 194 to 166, and then to 139.
For example, the set of unitary divisors of a prime power [p.sup.a] are [D.sup.1] ([p.sup.a]) = {1, [p.sup.a]}.
The overall goal in this problem is to find the number of 2/3 kilogram sugar bags (divisors) to be made from 2 2 kilograms sugar (dividend) at hand.
As each seat is allocated, each party's total votes are then divided by larger divisors proportional to the number of seats it has already secured, and new seats are allocated based on which party has the highest resulting quotient for that round.
GCDdivs = divisors (GCD) = [[d.sub.1], [d.sub.2] , .............
Whether or not Ruffini knew that the technique could be extended to polynomial divisors of higher degree is largely irrelevant to this article, because the focus of this discussion is on the implications of the technique for high school mathematics.
Split algebras contain special elements with zero norms (zero divisors) [1], which are important structures in physical applications [20].
The conditions of divisors ending with 8, 4, 2, 6 and 5 given by (Chauthaiwale, 2012) were relaxed after describing their mathematical background.
Mas malaki ang advantage ko 'pag maraming divisor (I will have a greater advantage if there were more divisors), he said.
Amicable numbers are such that the divisors of the first number have a sum equal to the second number and the divisors of the second number total to the first.