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The divine office is central for cloistered monks and nuns, who pray not only in the morning, evening, and night but also at several other periods, including vigils in the middle of the night.
As is widely known, one of the great innovations of the Jesuit Constitutions comes in Ignatius's abrogation of the requirement of praying the Divine Office in choir.
David Crook considers ways in which Jesuits used music to teach, move, and delight audiences, even though Jesuits were exempt from chanting the Divine Office in choir.
Today the 30 sisters lead an enclosed, contemplative life, with the Eucharist and daily celebration of the Divine Office at its centre.
He believes that, "We can overcome this polarization (God / Caesar) by recalling the circumstances that gave birth to the church as a divine office rather than a political institution, enabling the church to flourish in spite of every attempt by the state to suppress it."
The founders and builders of cities imitate a divine office. We should not then be surprised to discover in our cities intimations of the heavenly city.
explicitly associated with the Divine Office of the canonical hours.
Auden's poetic hermeneutic of the Divine Office which was published as a sequence of seven poems in The Shield of Achilles in 1955.(1) As the official prayer of the Roman Catholic Church, the Office strikes its roots deeply down into the Judeo-Christian tradition of prayer and worship.
The Escorial, a great gloomy multiplex of church, monastery and palace inhabited by a Chairman of the Board poring over `Rest of the World' markets, sustained by Hieronymite monks constantly chanting the Hours of the Divine Office? Not the least of the strengths of Geoffrey Parker's magisterial book is that he shows how the characteristics of modern multinational and Counter-Reformation imperium fold into each other.
What the Church can do is dispense the vows of celibacy, obedience and Divine Office. This could leave a priest free to marry.
So, I have my own little atmosphere which moves about with me, cathedrals and Saints, and the continuity of the 'Divine Office', and Liturgical Books.
After a helpful introduction to prayer as Teresa practiced it, the core and bulk of this book is a guide to daily and weekly prayer following the pattern of the divine office. For each of the hours, Wright includes a text from Teresa's own writings, brief passages from scripture, pauses for reflection, and some written prayers.
Guests from all walks of life and denominations have visited the abbey for more than 50 years, making directed or private retreats, sharing meals with the monks and joining the monks in the monastery chapel--a converted stable on the former turkey ranch--for chanting of the Divine Office. "What happens here is a kind of seedbed for inner renewal, and we share the fruits of that with people who come," explained Brennan, who was an archdiocesan priest for 20 years before receiving permission to join the Benedictines 19 years ago.
Jesse Billett's essay offers a careful corrective to many assumptions that have plagued the study of the divine office in Anglo-Saxon England, with close attention to manuscript evidence.
leaves no significant aspect of the liturgy untouched, from the spatial orientation of the priest to the relation between Latin and the vernacular to the structure of the Mass and Divine Office, to the chants, the readings, and the ceremonies of the liturgical year.