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For clearly, the concept of man's being can only be found in the very Divine Mind, the ultimate creative principle; it is this ultimate principle and the idea of human being contained therein that forms the absolute ontological foundation of man's reality as well as man's cognitive activity, which nevertheless is also creative in its own reduced way and consists in positing the cognized things:
2), which is itself dependent on a metaphysics of participation in the divine mind.
Despite the fact that the human mind follows the same principles as the divine mind, Leibniz states that the divine providence of the oeconomia rerum is a "secret", hidden from human insight.
So, Newton's realism about space and time was thus simultaneously realism about an immaterial substance--the divine mind.
Hardesty believed using marijuana provided him a connection to the divine mind and spiritual enlightenment.
She is explaining the freedom found in the divine Mind that liberates humanity from sin, sickness and death, just as Christ Jesus did - and said his followers could do.
The Sun, in other words, is a natural symbol of the Divine Mind of God: "The mind is both inherent in the body, informing it and connected with corporeal form, and sustained by God, an irradiation as it were, that flows into the body from the divine countenance" (160).
Medieval goddesses, Newman posits, perform four functions: they enable a "safe" form of theologizing, mediate different types of religious experience, enable the exploration of possible conflicts within the divine mind, and afford opportunities to address gender-related cultural issues (39).
The final act reveals the Divine Mind through a conversation between the One and the Other, who both understand their mutual dependence.
If we're honest, we know that Judaism is the product of finite human minds as they encounter the infinite divine mind.
The divine mind has an idea of human nature, and therefore human relationships, that does not and cannot change.
If He has restricted the everyday governance of the church to mere men, then that must have been in the Divine Mind from all eternity, and will continue to reside there forever.
In his study of Wyclif's writings and those of his followers, Ghosh finds a fundamental opposition between "a dialogic, interested, and, by implication, corrupt 'glossatorial hermeneutics'" practiced within the church and the universities and a theoretically "monologic apprehension of the divine mind through a transparent 'open' text" (7).
I think, indeed, that both the creation, and the fall preceded every external act of predestination, as also the decree concerning the creation of man, and the permission of his fall preceded, in the Divine mind, the decree of Predestination.
It is in these spaces that wisdom, common sense, and insight reside in a kind of timelessness that some would call our divine mind.