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the withdrawal of capital from a country or corporation

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University divestment campaigns have a strong track record.
"The divestment campaign has raised the question of how institutions ought to think about the intersection of their mission and portfolios," says John Goldstein, a managing director at Goldman Sachs Asset Management who has worked with various institutions looking to align their missions and portfolios.
One social movement aiming to accelerate it further is the fossil fuel divestment campaign. Student and community groups are pressuring university endowments and pension funds to restructure their investment portfolios to eliminate fossil fuel holdings.
During the day stalls and talks will focus on the Wakefield Socialist History Society, Planet Festival and the UN climate change talks, the fossil fuel divestment campaign and also Huddersfield Keep Our NHS Public.
It comes as the oil and gas industry is caught in a growing divestment campaign that urges investors to withdraw from fossil fuel companies because of their carbon emissions.
The move by the Church of England comes as part of a global divestment campaign which has seen universities including Stanford in California, the University of Glasgow and SOAS in London, the World Council of Churches and the British Medical Association moving against investment in some or all fossil fuels.
The divestment campaign gathered steam in 2008 and 2009, and received a federal stamp of approval in 2010 with passage of the Comprehensive Iran Sanctions, Accountability, and Divestment Act, which encouraged states to pass such measures.
These environmental concerns are leading to an increasingly vocal divestment campaign, with many activists pressing for investors to dump fossil fuel stocks, and over 180 investor groups have done so.
In the case of the US-based Sudan divestment campaign, Patey (2009, 552) notes that "the campaign was ill-conceived to influence its primarily Asian targets." Three Asian national oil companies produce over 90 percent of crude oil in Sudan.
Boycotts have worked to spur sweeping social change before, and today's fossil fuel divestment organizers hope to be as successful as the divestment campaign that played a key role in overturning apartheid in South Africa.
More than 800 investors including major foundations have pledged to divest assets in the fossil fuel industry over the next five years, and Libby Brooks of the Guardian reports, "A study by Oxford University last autumn found that [the Fossil Free movement] had grown faster than any previous divestment campaign, including those relating to apartheid, armaments and tobacco." - YaleGlobal
Long before the Boycott, Sanctions and Divestment campaign inched slowly from the fringes of global solidarity with Palestinians to take center stage, Tony Benn had been advocating a boycott of Israel with unrestricted conviction, for years.
(AP) -- A community college district in Northern California has promised to sell its stock in fossil fuel companies, joining a small but growing divestment campaign organized by students around the country.
Even so, Mackenzie said the divestment campaign has had little to no effect to date, and the sell-off in coal stocks has been driven by fundamentals.
A campaign for which youth and student climate and environmental groups had been laying the groundwork since 2010, when Swathmore College saw the first divestment campaign pop up, transformed into a North America-wide movement seemingly overnight.