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Bingham, after attending the first "Blue Wild" four years ago, heard a constant theme among divers - many boaters were unaware of the dive flag law and its meaning.
DOBOR also received comments on rules concerning: restrictions on anchoring or mooring outside a designated offshore mooring area; dive flag rules, and on kiteboarding in Kalua Bay ocean waters (kiteboarding rules are not part of this rule package and will be addressed in a separate rule amendment process).
The divers travel in long A caravans with boats and dive flags in tow.
While in the water a dive flag must be deployed, a measuring device must be on each diver and lobsters may not be speared.
Divers can walk into the surf and with the aid of an inner tube with a dive flag, go diving within 150 yards of the beach.
Don't forget mesh bags for gathering scallops, and dive flag for safety.
A good dive mask, snorkel, fins to help you move through the water, a dive flag, gloves to protect your hands when you grab the spiny lobster, a measuring gauge that must be with you whenever you are lobstering, a lobster net, a tickle stick to tickle the lobster out of its hole and into your lobster net, a lobster bag to put your catch into, and if you're diving--dive tanks, weights, regulator, BCD, gauges, knife and more.
You'll need a saltwater fishing license, a dive flag, mask, snorkel and fins with a mesh bag to gather your sea treats.
Divers in the water are extremely hard to see, so a dive flag is essential both on a boat and for divers.
One of the most important pieces of gear for boaters going after scallops (besides masks and fins) is an approved dive flag.
Other rules that apply include the need for a recreational saltwater fishing license for everyone participating who would normally need a license, and a dive flag requirement for letting other boaters know you've got divers in the water.