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(Greek mythology) god of wine and fertility and drama

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(fr Gr, dithyrambos, " a choric hymn " ) A kind of lyric poetry sung in strophic verse by a chorus and leader in honor of the god Dionysus.
26) `Arion hat den Dithyrambos vom einfachen Prozessionslied zum kunstvollen Rundtanz gemacht', but refers this conclusion solely to Proclus' dubious testimony (discussed below, Section VII).
ist der Dithyrambos der [GREEK TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] par excellence; ja, Dithyrambos und [GREEK TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] werden als Synonyme gebraucht' (Zimmermann, p.
Zimmermann, Dithyrambos. Geschichte einer Gattung (Gottingen, 1992), 124-5.
Sikelianos' tragedies--I Sivylla ("The Sibyl"), O Daidalos stin Kriti ("Daedalus in Crete"), O Khristos sti Romi ("Christ in Rome"), O thanatos tou Digeni ("The Death of Digenis"), and Asklipios ("Asclepius")--and the long dramatic poem O Dithyrambos tou Rhodou (The Dithyramb of the Rose) are more notable for their lyric than their dramatic qualities.