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Synonyms for distributor

a person with authority to allot or deal out or apportion


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a company that markets merchandise

electrical device that distributes voltage to the spark plugs of a gasoline engine in the order of the firing sequence

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Remington Ammunition Distributor of the Year: Big Rock Sports
A master distributor's customer base is comprised exclusively of distributors to enhance their ability to serve their customer--OEMs and end users.
Federal Trade Commission, the key difference between legitimate MLM companies and so-called "pyramid" scams is on what basis distributors are compensated.
These protests may actually work to the benefit of consumers, as well as the distributors who recognize the situation as a marketing opportunity.
If pushed to the wall, Japanese distributors are not averse to taking (or threatening) legal action to enforce their actual or perceived rights.
Technology has made it possible for distributors to solve problems in ways not possible until recently.
Major distributors in the Domincan Republic sought help managing the credit and collections process from local banks.
This is especially true when dealing with brokerage houses, mutual-fund companies and other third-party distributors who demand custom services (and incentives) in return for access to their distribution network.
In essence, the FTC forced the company to transform itself from an alleged pyramid scheme, which depends mostly on hefty sign-up fees, to a legal multilevel marketing company, which relies on a network of distributors to sell legitimate products.
6416(a)(4) provides a special procedure that treats a "wholesale distributor" of gasoline, on which tax has been paid upstream, as the "person (and the only person) who paid such tax" when the wholesale distributor sells the gasoline to certain tax-exempt ultimate users.
Merely announcing to distributors that they have been selected for "partnership" is unlikely to produce results: distributors have heard such corporate propaganda before and will not be impressed.
We are thrilled to have Superior join our growing family of distributors as we extend our capabilities and market presence in Iowa.
Fortunately, black film festivals, independent distributors, cable television and video releases are helping to crack Hollywood's closed door.
Across the country, older family-owned wholesale distributors are disappearing or being bought by emerging behemoths, and the lowly ``take it or leave it'' supermarket magazine rack is on the cusp of what many predict will be major enhancements of modern marketing.
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