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treat, mention, or speak to rudely

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Brant, 1968, lines 2499-501: "Langen har mir wach[beta] ich will mein oren / Verstopffen das ich nit mog horen, / Ich will dissen weg der tugent gan.
Schadewaldt's theory, and its provenance from Boeckh and Dissen, cannot be fully treated here.
En el ano de 2000 salime de BarCelona en companya de mis contadores, e biniendo por Iberia Airlines con buen tiempo, e otras vesses con contrario, llegamos a la cibdad que dissen Tenochtitlan; e en aquel tiempo ubo pestilencia del smog, que se nos murieron muchos contadores, e demas desto, todos los mas adolecimos, e por comer unos que dissen tacos se nos facian vnas malas aguas por el culo, e llagas en las megillas, pero por conoscimiento del oro que aguardaba nos, persistimos las adbersidades varias.
2] elliptical area of most intense damage; outside this zone, damage decreased steadily in all directions (Van Dissen and Berryman 1995), as we determined for Broken River.
18) But Clay ignores a passage, first cited by Dissen,(19) which provides a very close parallel--if only with a compound form of the verb: [GREEK TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (`I will surely finish you off if I encounter you again': II.
The starting post is Elisabeth Dissen, a native of Hillsboro.
The steep topography and high precipitation also increase ground instability, which contributes to frequent, shallow-seated landslides that are able to denude areas over hundreds of meters (Grange and Singleton 1988, Van Dissen et al.
Bockh, Dissen, Donaldson) thus sought a special significance for the appellation san by contrast with sigma, assuming the reference to be to a Doric form of s employed in the pre-Pindaric dithyramb.