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a cloth for washing dishes

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However, exports of dish cloth, kitchen towels, bleached white cotton corded napkins and cotton ribbed terry bar mops etc.
1 Canadian Alese 2 Alese polyester / Cotton 3 Adult cotton bib 4 Adult waterproof bib 5 Children bib 6 Layer cotton 7 Bed cover 8 Fleece Blanket 9 Bed tops 10 Bath sheets 11 Bed sheets 12 Bed sheet 180 x 320 cm approximately 13 Baby bed sheets 14 Examination sheet 15 Bed sheet for 1 person 16 sheets 17 Cover sheet for cradle 18 Washing net 19 Washcloth 20 Mattress cover 21 Lange 22 Tablecloth 23 Non-Fire Pillow 25 Towel 26 Towel 27 Embossed towel 28 Pillow case 29 Dish cloth.
I wiped him down with a dish cloth and made him a cup of tea, because that's what all beaten and bloodstained people need.
SCOUR POWER Spend PS20 at the Vileda webshop for a free cleaning kit including a power scourer, active wave scourer and dish cloth.
After the concession from the EU, the sub-textile sectors of dish cloth, duster, knitted tracksuits-making units, weaving industry, towel, gloves and socks-making units are expected to benefit in future.
STRUGGLING chef Luciano Bonci has swapped the dish cloth for his dream job.
Back in the late 1980s, tobyMac came on as a white, hip-hop-loving singer devoted to spreading messages grounded in his Christian faith, meaning his commercial potential seemed equal to that of a dish cloth.
It's hard to get in the mood for sex when you're sweaty and uncomfortable and feel like a wrung-out dish cloth.
Also found in the bag were a pair of women's knickers, size 12, a dish cloth and two black socks.
Derek's query led me to further delvings in the search for the historical background of Mr and Mrs Thropp and whether she had, in fact, been successful in her attempt at self-harm with a dish cloth, or whether he had written an annual in 1958.
If you use a dish cloth to clean up after handling raw meat or poultry, throw it in the wash right away.
It's suffered umpteen niggly little problems - a rattling handbrake cable, dials that steam up in the rain, faulty fog lamps and worst of all a leak in the sill which made the car smell like a dirty dish cloth.
It's fun and challenging,'' said Erin Wek, 10, as she knitted a dish cloth from pink, white and blue yarn.
Then the obligatory trolley filled with empty calories galore - powdered soup in a cup, chocolate and toasted sandwiches that looked more soggy than a dish cloth.