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lack of skillfulness in speaking or writing

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disfluency) x 2 (discount duration: discount that lasts a week [short duration] vs.
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When HR supports efforts to have people rated against these models, we simply reveal our continuing data disfluency.
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The researchers conducted five experiments that generated data categorized into four groups: number of ideas generated, arousal level, difficulty processing (disfluency), and creativity of the ideas generated.
Additionally, results from Table 2 indicate good knowledge of disfluency disorders "e.g.
Results suggest that truncated words are a much more frequent type of disfluency than mispronounced words in all three languages.
The first was a measure of speech disfluency based on records of conversational interactions between the children and their mothers.
The evidence for antipsychotics to treat stuttering or stammering speech mainly consists of case reports and does not include disfluency frequency data, which makes it difficult to accept claims of efficacy.
Examples (5)-(6) illustrate that a disfluency occurs first, and then the speaker pauses, then self-repair comes after the token yeah.