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a large retail store organized into departments offering a variety of merchandise

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The purchase of Charlotte, North Carolina-based Family Dollar will result in the creation of a leading North American discount retailer running a network of 13,000 stores in 48 US states and five Canadian provinces, according to the buyer's statement from July.
DISCOUNT retailer Poundland should show a decent start to life as a public company when it posts its annual results this week.
The discount retailers sell gasoline at prices around 2 percent lower than typical gas stations as they receive the fuel directly from KNOC and the NSCF.
German discount retailer Lidl said it has expanded its chain in Bulgaria, a move that will heat up further the competition in the sector.
Discount retailer Home Bargains has taken the remaining 8,500sq ft unit at Gallagher Retail Park in Waterloo.
Discount retailers, such as B&M Bargains, 99p stores and Poundland, account for the greatest proportion of acquired stores (39 per cent of the total); followed by grocery outlets, including Iceland and Tesco (26 per cent); and fashion operators such as Ethel Austin and Peacocks (18 per cent).
BARGAIN-hunters have helped Poundland to a 47 per cent surge in annual profits, the discount retailers said yesterday.
In 2005 discount retailers moved ahead of specialty stores as the place for purchasing home fragrance products.
Closeout retailing is considered a unique and growing segment of the overall retail economy, carving a niche that's easily distinguishable from traditional retail stores, discount retailers and even dollar stores.
A grape glut in California allows consumers to pay pocket change for good wine, leading even discount retailers such as Wal-Mart and Target to start stocking bottles.
Most plan to "shop for value" by waiting for sales and spending more at discount retailers. On average, survey respondents plan to spend $661 this holiday season.
Sensormatic Electronics Corp., Boca Raton, Fla., recently teamed up with Optimal Robotics Corp., Montreal, to incorporate its secure, anti-theft solutions into Optimal's U-Scan self-checkout systems for food and discount retailers. The combined system deactivates Sensormatic's Ultra Max anti-theft tags when an item is self-scanned at the point-of-sale, therefore reducing the amount of assistance needed from store personnel.
Apart from Carrefour, Makuhari -- a fast developing business and hotel center located halfway between Narita airport and Tokyo -- has attracted a host of discount retailers, including the clothing outlet Garden Walk Makuhari and the discount chain Mr.