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Synonyms for disco



Synonyms for disco

popular dance music (especially in the late 1970s)

a public dance hall for dancing to recorded popular music

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In various cases we have found that even after recommendation of taking legal action against bars discotheques etc, local police don't act on them.
The terminology has also changed, which means words like bar, discotheque and nightclub will be replaced with lounge.
Lounge, an Asian karaoke club playing Rock n' roll to the latest Korean/Chinese chart toppers, Tantra Club, a discotheque and Ratsky, another Fillipino hotspot for clubbers with a live DJ and band.
All stand alone discotheques and all 5 Star discotheques must close down the music by 12.
Ces discotheques, dont l'offre etait souvent consideree comme un produit d'appel, destine a faire venir a la bibliotheque un public qui se devait ensuite se tourner vers le livre, pouvaient s'enorgueillir d'avoir genere, jusqu'a une date recente, une frequentation importante : des statistiques de prets flatteuses, un taux de rotation des documents tres superieur a celui du livre, justifiaient leur existence aupres des responsables de bibliotheques toujours plus interesses par l'imprime, suivant une vieille tradition renforcee par des cursus de formation faisant a la musique une place plus que reduite (3).
At night the village lights up with discotheques, colourful shop windows and atmospheric evening markets which sell a wide variety of goods and traditional local fare.
And music from the discotheques would send them into flight.
Without jazz there would have been no disc jockeys or discotheques.
Prof Arnold Wilkins, of Essex University said: "This flicker effect is not acceptable in TV programmes or discotheques.
To the average football fan, however, he's just that little bald bloke who sounds like one of the Wurzels and makes whimsical comments about badgers and discotheques.
Among the possible targets mentioned in the conversation were local pubs, an American military base, discotheques, McDonald's restaurants, airports and the Israeli embassy.
Palaces, charming hotels, gourmet restaurants, local bistros, bars, discotheques, markets, designers, antiquarians, galleries, walks, museums and more--best pack the recovery syrum
In the background, there is a whole panorama of fashionable discotheques, where drugs and sex are a widely accessible commodity, and where the criminal underworld mixes with the sheltered youth from the upper classes.
You do everything - you lie on the beach and go to discotheques.
He said: "When got up in the middle of the night for work people were going to the discotheques.