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a public dance hall for dancing to recorded popular music

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Kelis Young, Fresh & New, O Town We Fit Together, Alcazar Crying At The Discoteque, Beverly Knight Get Up, Cake Short Skirt/Long Jacket
On a visit to a discoteque, children were observed kissing and caressing clients, mostly foreigners.
In the last six months Viva Live Music has delivered bespoke musical entertainment themes as varied as "Dickens Christmas"; "Prohibition Club Music," "Sixties Discoteque," "1950s Casino" and "Downton Christmas.
Last year's 'Scottish Discoteque Of The Year' still draws the numbers at this student night.
Two Tons of Fun Earth Can Just Be Heaven (Unknown): Outrageous discoteque activity.
Student night at Last year's 'Scottish Discoteque Of The Year'.
These provisional residents of Tel Aviv reside and congregate in the shadow of the great white elephant, shop there or at the nearby Carmel outdoor market where some food stalls serve up dishes to please their palate, send their children to the neighborhood school (where they become fluent Hebrew-speakers), amuse themselves at ethnic bars and discoteques, and on Sundays attend church services in Jaffa.
Allows an accelerated tax depreciation deduction to five years for purchase of automatic sprinkler systems required as a retrofit in existing nightclubs, discoteques, dance halls and bars
Arts and crafts, movie theaters, discoteques, night clubs, amusement parks and bowling facilities are conveniently located near the resort.