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a large and taxonomically difficult group of Ascomycetes in which the fleshy fruiting body is disklike or cup-shaped

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In his concept of the Pezizales Korf [10] placed those operculate discomycetes that are fimicolous with ascocarps reduced in size and complexity, possessing non-amyloid, with smooth, hyaline ascospores in the Pyronemataceae tribe Theleboleae while Eckblad [8] would treat this taxon at the family level.
There were also studies of tropical discomycetes and, indeed, of the xylariaceae of the Congo.
Upon examination under the light microscopic, the macroscopic and microscopics characters of the fungus that grew in moist chamber were identified two classes, teen (10) genera and seventeen (17) species, of the Plectomycetes and Discomycetes classes, Division Ascomycota such as: Ascobolus furfuraceus, A.