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Synonyms for disco



Synonyms for disco

popular dance music (especially in the late 1970s)

a public dance hall for dancing to recorded popular music

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The Google Doodle shows the numbers 2013 disco dancing under a glitter ball and speakers while the number 4 waits for its turn in the line up.
Moira, who still lives in Castlemilk, said: "From the first time I took him to the disco dancing I knew he could do it.
The track was called Ruff Mix and the accompanying video featured Cowell as a blue disco dancing dog.
We suggest scheduling in a night of carefree disco dancing to relieve yourself from that oppressive temperature outside.
There is only so much disco dancing you can do before you realise disco dancing is a truly horrific activity that no-one genuinely enjoys.
Finally my mother asked my sister if there were any other boys in the class." His training began with disco dancing in the early '80s, and progressed through jazz and tap and, finally, ballet.
A NORTH leisure centre is looking for disco divas aged between seven and 14 to take part in their new disco dancing class.
celebrated its 25th anniversary, with a gala evening of disco dancing harkening back to the glory days of John Travolta's 1980 breakthrough movie Saturday Night Fever.
It was a bit like a nymph or goddess descending from Parnassus or Olympus, and instructing a goatherd in a key advance of civilisation, such as bee-keeping or winemaking" - Tory MP Boris Johnson recalling how Ulrika Jonsson once tried to teach him disco dancing.
They depict Los Angeles Police Department officers doing some hot and heavy disco dancing, each with his own favorite homeboy from the 'hood.
The animals find a way to escape the zoo and head into town, where they embark on a series of escapades that involve deceptive disguises, daring dining, and disco dancing. A wide variety of zoo animals pique the imagination.
A YOUNG dancer from Nuneaton made all the right moves during his family holiday when he won a disco dancing competition.
What does disco dancing in Bulgaria have to do with it?
Sandra, who pocketed pounds 7 million for her upcoming film Love and War, said disco dancing gave her the chance to show off her figure.