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Synonyms for discipline

Synonyms for discipline

something, such as loss, pain, or confinement, imposed for wrongdoing

an area of academic study that is part of a larger body of learning

to impart knowledge and skill to

to subject (one) to a penalty for a wrong

Synonyms for discipline

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Grievance and disciplinary procedures should be readily available from human resources departments.
A disciplinary procedure provides employers with a structured approach for dealing with ill-discipline at work.
Neglect to check the organisation's disciplinary procedure.
We have been following the Welsh Government's disciplinary procedure in order to ensure there is a full and fair investigation.
Lord Justice Kay said: "To subject Mr Johnston to the handbook disciplinary procedure, minus the requirements of oral, written and final warnings, was procedurally unfair, even if the concern was to save him from additional stress.
Dos and don'ts for setting up a disciplinary procedure
Llambias said: "It's clear the current disciplinary procedures aren't fit for purpose.
Although the WNO said it had followed the disciplinary procedure in its handbook, it did not comply with the opera's agreement with the Musicians' Union.
The second is rigidly applying the disciplinary procedure to all breaches of discipline which will not only send a message to employees that adherence to basic disciplinary procedure is a requirement, but will also ensure peace and stability among the employees themselves.
I am not a Newcastle United fan, but even if I were, I would not expect to drive a coach and horses through the disciplinary procedure to the benefit of someone who has difficulty in controlling his temper.
Meanwhile, controversial Greek sprinter Katerina Thanou will face a fresh disciplinary procedure if she is included in the final squad for the Olympics.
The Glasgow employment tribunal ruled the dismissal was automatically unfair as the nursery failed to operate standard disciplinary procedure.
An employer may have a contractual disciplinary procedure in which case they should follow this.
Input from Bar members is being sought by the Board of Governors Disciplinary Procedure Committee over a proposed, rule amendment on criteria to be used by a trial judge when reviewing a request to approve a contingency fee in excess of what is allowed in current rules.
McAdam had decided to retire from police service to avoid further disciplinary procedure in respect of the allegations of bullying said police officers.