superheterodyne receiver

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a radio receiver that combines a locally generated frequency with the carrier frequency to produce a supersonic signal that is demodulated and amplified

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Cavey, "Even harmonic double-balanced active mixer for use in direct conversion receivers," IEEE J.
Note that there are four other symmetric second-order tones located on the right side of the main input signals, which are not drawn here since these tones are located outside the band of interest for the direct conversion receiver.
Second-order nonlinearity is a phenomenon that is important in direct conversion receivers (DCR).
More importantly, however, large blocking signals also cause DC in the direct conversion receiver, whether on a spurious frequency or not.
It is a complete radio design that combines multiple functions, including an RF front end, mixed-signal baseband section, frequency synthesizers, two analog-to-digital converters and two direct conversion receivers in a single chip.
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