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There are a lot of schools that, basically, as the DirecPC has become outdated and oversubscribed, the alternatives weren't great.
DirecPC and StarBand are affiliated with satellite TV program providers DirecTV and EchoStar, respectively.
By offering this software enhancement for DirecPC, we will help grow the satellite data delivery market.
The new fourth generation DirecPC systems, HNS says, allow users a return path to the Net at speeds of up 128 kbps - and 256 kbps if required - via the satellite.
The upgraded high-speed, two-way DirecPC systems being shipped to retailers allow users to bypass the standard dial-up phone connection to enjoy the same always-on capability as cable and DSL modems through a new satellite-based uplink.
A business to business version of DirecPC has been available for roughly two years; however, the consumer version of the product has only been available at satellite dealers and retailers since late last year.
Hughes Network Systems has started shipping its first two-way all-satellite DirecPC systems under its "Broadband Everywhere" brand name.
The system includes the NEC Express-5800 server, JDL Technologies' K12WORLD software, a modem and an optional DirecPC satellite dish from Hughes Network Systems for schools that lack high-speed Internet access like T-1 lines.
Hughes Network Systems unveiled what it calls a convergence antenna dish that will allow customers to receive 200-plus channels of digital TV from DirecTV and USSB, as well as DirecPC Turbo Internet service.
DirecPC uses the Eutelsat satellites, whereas EON has leased digital transponders on Astra 19.
Satellite transmission of Internet data, which costs less than a T1 line and is faster than ISDN, is received by a school's local area network (LAN) using the network edition of DirecPC software from Helius.
McCabe also reported HNS has shipped over the last several months some 5,000 DirecPC systems, which is a variation of the basic DSS system that allows the user to obtain high-speed information delivery to a personal computer.
The firm also offers high-speed Internet access through its DirecPC service.
TracVision 4 is also fully compatible with the high-powered DirecPC Internet service and TracNet 2.
DirecPC and JDL Technologies have joined forces to develop the K-12WORLD Satellite Server, a low-cost solution that provides schools with safe, secure, high-speed Internet access.
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