Dirca palustris

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deciduous shrub of eastern North America having tough flexible branches and pliable bark and small yellow flowers

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1 is an overall, radial longitudinal view of a water-conducting cell or vessel member in the wood of Dirca palustris.
5), and for the most part, Dirca palustris does not, although sometimes very small amounts of vesturing (best described as obscure) can be observed (Fig.
Taxon Herbarium or City Date of Collection Pimelea arenaria (1) AUA 11 Oct 1979 (2) AUA 22 Dec 1979 Pimelea prostrata AUA 26 Jan 1980 Dirca palustris (1) AUA 27 Mar 1969 (2) AUA 27 Mar 1969 (3) AUA 19 Mar 1989 Gnidia caffra (1) AUA Jan 2000 (2) AUA Jan 2000 Daphne gnidiodes K 26 Jul 1960 Taxon Collector(s) No.