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Synonyms for dirham

100 dirhams equal 1 riyal in Qatar

the basic unit of money in the United Arab Emirates

the basic unit of money in Morocco

100 dirhams equal 1 dinar in Tunisia

100 dirhams equal 1 dinar in Libya

worth one tenth of a Kuwaiti dinar

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Anti-monopoly agency set a minimum price for 1 minute call outside the network at 25 dirams including VAT ($0.027).
C'est de l'argent jete par la fenetre[beaucoup plus grand que], a fait savoir Madjid Diram, president du syndicat des marins pecheurs, du bureau d'Alger.
depelle quadripedis diram faciem, redde me conspectui meorum, redde me meo Lucio.
Her reading of the middle movement "To Women" (with its line "For you, you too, to battle go") as thinly veiled Slabal MaJ.i'iis illuminating, as are the specific musical connections to The Diram of Gerontius (1900) that she locates.
The order, in particular, provides for setting the price of one minute of intranet call for all mobile operators, with the exception of Tojiktelecom (state-run telecommunications company), at no less than 10 dirams (direct taxes not included).