magnetic monopole

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a hypothetical particle with a single magnetic pole instead of the usual two

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In fact, assuming the absence of electric fields, charges, and currents and the absence of magnetic current, we are left essentially with two equations for the magnetic field which have the familiar Dirac monopole solution B = ([q.sub.m]/4[pi][r.sup.2])r, where [q.sub.m] is the magnetic charge.
a result that prevents us from defining a conserved total angular momentum as in the case of the Dirac monopole. Now, if the distances are neither too large nor much small, the potential vector cannot exist everywhere in the domain bounded by [partial derivative]R because [F.sup.[micro]v] satisfies (41) rather than (39).
The MMP can be brought in relation with the Dirac monopole. The massless MMP is a productive and important idea on the one hand to recognise what mass is and on the other hand to develop the quark structure of massless photon (-likes) from the quark composition of the electron.
The intensity of the interaction of the Dirac monopole is estimated extremely high.