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English theoretical physicist who applied relativity theory to quantum mechanics and predicted the existence of antimatter and the positron (1902-1984)

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Their findings, published in the journal Nature Materials, demonstrate a very general mechanism for generating multiple sets of topological surface states and three-dimensional Dirac fermions all within the same material.
With [beta] and the spinor [PSI], we form the Dirac conjugate [9]
The energy and momentum relation of an electron used by Dirac (3) was equivalent to that of the Klein--Gordon equation.
Cuatro desarrollos teoricos que, a juicio de Colyvan, auspician el despliegue de (a) y (b), son: (i) la teoria de la gravitacion newtoniana, la cual, prima facie, caracteriza galaxias con cantidades inconsistentes de masa; (ii) la oceanografia descriptiva, que parece postular oceanos de profundidad finita e infinita; (iii) el calculo temprano, con sus cantidades infinitesimales fluctuantes; y (iv) la teoria cuantica de Dirac, que incorpora una tecnica de normalizacion de vectores basada en la integracion de funciones inconsistentes.
Euclidean Clifford analysis offers a function theory with the Dirac operator, which is an elegant generalization to higher dimensions of holomorphic functions in the complex plane.
One side of the board - called the Dirac Sea - is yin, the other yan.
Used in combination with the DIRAC 6 room acoustics software, the new Echo Speech Source Type 4720 enables users to perform speech intelligibility measurements, which meet standards IEC 60268-16 and ISO 3382-3 (open plan offices).
Our calculations required about 3 million CPU (central processing unit) hours alone; processing power only accessible to us through the DiRAC project.
New York (AirGuideBusiness - Business & Industry News) Wed, Mar 5, 2014 - An international research team has identified a sodium bismuthate compound that they call three-dimensional topological Dirac semi-metal, which could have applications in semiconductors and data storage, possibly outperforming the characteristics of graphene.
Monopoles" had been predicted by physicist Paul Dirac in 1931 - but remained elusive till now.
After preliminaries, they cover self-adjoint and skew-self-adjoint Dirac systems: rectangular matrix potentials, linear system auxiliary to the nonlinear optics equation, discrete systems, integrable nonlinear equations, generalized Backlund-Darboux transformation (GBDT) theorems and explicit solutions of nonlinear equations, some further results on inverse problems and GBDT, and sliding inverse problems for radial Dirac and Schrodinger equations.
Coincidentally, this same school was previously attended by Paul Dirac, the scientist often described as the father of quantum mechanics, who also became a Nobel Prize winning physicist.
El campo de Dirac o campo fermionico es el que describe particulas con espin 1/2, es decir, describe electrones, protones y quarks.
The exact solution of the Dirac equation with any potential is an important subject in relativistic quantum physics.