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ECM plants in tropical forests mostly belong to families Dipterocarpaceae, Fabaceae, Juglandaceae, Betulaceae, and Fagaceae (Henkel, 2003; Henkel et al., 2011; Morris et al., 2008).
Yamauchi et al., "Effects of environmental factors on growth and mortality of Parashorea macrophylla (Dipterocarpaceae) planted on slopes and valleys in a degraded tropical secondary forest in Sarawak, Malaysia," Soil Science and Plant Nutrition, vol.
Effects of irradiance and spectral quality on leaf structure and function in seedlings of two southeast Asian Hopea (Dipterocarpaceae) species.
Inoue 1999 Beetle pollination of Shorea parvifolia (section Mutica, Dipterocarpaceae) in a general flowering period in Sarawak, Malaysia.
Breulmann G, Ogino K, Ninomiya I, Ashton PS, La Frankie IV, Leffler, US, Weckert V, Lieth H, Konschak R, Markert B (1998) Chemical characterisation of Dipterocarpaceae by use of chemical fingerprinting-a multielement approach at Sarawak, Malaysia.
These are Capparaceae, Dipterocarpaceae (Southeast Asia tropical trees), Euphorbiaceae* (rubber, castor oil, and manioc), Fagaceae (oaks, beech, and chestnut), and Flacourtiaceae# (subtropical to tropical trees and shrubs).
Amino acids, polyamines and proteins during seed germination of two species of Dipterocarpaceae. Trees Struct.
The dominant tree species was Madhuca fulva (Family: Sapotaceae), Mangifera zeylanica (Family: Anacardiaceae), Dipterocarpus zeylanicus (Family: Dipterocarpaceae), Mesuaferrea (Family: Clusiaceae), and Shorea zeylanica (Family: Dipterocarpaceae).
ex Kurz., M, Herb, Apocynaceae 69 Ricinus communis L., shrub, 178 155 oil yielding, Euphorbiaceae 70 Salvinia cuculata Roxb., 178 70 manure, fern, Salviniaceae 71 Scoparia dulcis L., herb, Scrophulariaceae 434 163 72 Shores robusta Gaertn.f., tree, 1009 153 wood, leaves, Dipterocarpaceae 73 Sida cordata (Burm.
IFB-E028 isolated from healthy leaves of Ho pea hainanensis Merrill & Chun (Dipterocarpaceae) (Wang et al.
Chemical characterisation of Dipterocarpaceae by use of chemical fingerprinting--A multielement approach at Sarawak, Malaysia, Science of the Total Environment 215: 85-100.