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3), such as Icacinaceae and Dipterocarpaceae in southern Yunnan, and Dipterocarpaceae, Sapindaceae, Sterculiaceae and Ebenaceae in Hainan.
Amazonia: hay cinco familias, Anisophylleaceae, Dipterocarpaceae, Euphroniaceae e Ixonanthaceae.
Also, chemical analysis revealed that the sap that formed the amber came from Dipterocarpaceae trees, which are common in tropical forests of Southeast Asia," says Grimaldi.
The amber provides the oldest evidence of tropical forests in Asia, tests having linked it to hardwood trees belonging to the Dipterocarpaceae family, which today make up 80 per cent of the forest canopy in Southeast Asia.
In Indonesia in 1989 it was found that Dipterocarpaceae form ectomycorrhizae with mycorrhizal fungi, among which Scleroderma columnare enhanced the seedling growth efficiently in nurseries and that a small amount of charcoal (2% in volume) stimulated the growth of Shorea species and mycorrhiza formation (Ogawa 2006).
Del mismo modo, en un bosque lluvioso donde dominan especies de la familia Dipterocarpaceae, sometido a un proceso de "tumba y quema", el numero de semillas y de especies provenientes de muestras de suelo tomadas en la estacion lluviosa, fue mayor que de las muestras tomadas en la estacion seca (TANG et al.
Su estudio permitio dilucidar que Muntingiaceae esta probablemente mas relacionada con Cistaceae, Dipterocarpaceae, Sarcolaenaceae y quizas Neuradaceae.
Pakaraimoideae: Dipterocarpaceae of the Western Hemisphere.
To examine the interspecific reproductive synchrony of Dipterocarpaceae with vertebrate responses to seed availablity, we monitored the spatiotemporal distribution and phenology of more than 2367 adult dipterocarp individuals of 54 species from March 1985 to January 1993 in the Gunung Palung National Park, West Kalimantan, Indonesia.
In extreme cases, seedling density may fall nearly to zero between successive masts, as seems to be the case in some Dipterocarpaceae in Malaysia (Whitmore 1975), and in Phillyrea latifolia (Oleaceae) in southeastern Spain (Herrera et al.
Researchers recently confirmed that members of the tree family Dipterocarpaceae, common in Africa and Asia, grow in South America as well--a finding they liken to discovering, say, kangaroos in South America.
Particularly since the end of World War II, the exploitation of Southeast Asian tropical timbers used for construction, framery and plywood, most from the Dipterocarpaceae family,(4) has stimulated periodic booms in many Southeast Asian economies.
Otros estudios en parcelas han logrado tambien hallazgos botanicos importantes; por ejemplo, el primer reporte para Suramerica del genero Sapranthus (Velez-Arango & Cogollo-Pacheco, 2007) y el hallazgo de un genero nuevo y segundo reporte de la familia para el neotropico de la familia Dipterocarpaceae (Pseudomonotes tropenbosii; Londono et al.
Tropical blackwater rivers, animals and mast fruit by the Dipterocarpaceae.