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Synonyms for Dipsacaceae

chiefly southern European herbs with flowers usually in dense cymose heads

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(Dipsacaceae) Uzerinde Morfolojik ve Anatomik Arastirmalar.
Bringing together evolution on serpentine and polyploidy: spatiotemporal history of the diploid- tetraploid complex of Knautia arvensis (Dipsacaceae).
Raphanus Europe A sativus (L.) Rapistrum Mediterranean A-B rugosum (L.) Caryophy- Cerastium Europe A llaceae glomeratum (Thuill) Stellaria media Europe A (L.) Cirillo Dipsacaceae Dipsacus fullonum Europe-Asia B (L.) Honck.
Teasel, Scabious, Knautia and Cephalaria - they are all members of the Dipsacaceae family with something to add to the garden.
Asterid 2: Apiaceae, Aquifoliaceae, Araliaceae, Asteraceae, Campanulaceae, Caprifoliaceae, Cornaceae (Corokia), Cornaceae (Griselinia), Cornaceae (Helwingia), Dipsacaceae, Menyanthaceae, Pittosporaceae, Valerianaceae.
One plant-pathogen system in which the interaction between pollen and pathogen dispersal is likely to be important is anther smut disease, which occurs in the Caryophyllaceae, Dipsacaceae, Liliaceae, and Portulacaceae (Thrall et al.
Taxonomic subdivision of these families follows Polhill and Raven (1981) for the Leguminosae, Riedl (1967) for the Boraginaceae, Erdtman in Cantino (1992) for the Labiatae, Melchior (1964) for the Scrophulariaceae, and Caputo and Cozzolino (1994) for the Dipsacaceae. The names of the plant families conform to Brummitt (1992), and those of the plant species to Tutin et al.
Don) Sprengcl Dipsacaceae Dipsacus japonicus Miquel.
Scabiosa columbaria (small scabious, Dipsacaceae) is a gynodioecious, protandrous, entomophilous, short-lived perennial of dry calcareous grasslands.
0 2 Dipentodontaceae Dipentodon 0 0 0 2 Dipsacaceae Dipsacus Dipsacales 0 ?
Such flowers are often positioned at the periphery of umbel-like inflorescences (certain Brassicaceae, Rubiaceae, Asteraceae, Apiaceae, Dipsacaceae).
periclymenum [113, 115, 124, 150] Dipsacaceae Knautia arvensis (L.) Coulter [5, 185] Scabiosa columbaria L.