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a complex molecule used medically to chelate metal ions in cases of lead or heavy metal poisoning

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The parameters of ten kinds of metabolites detected by ion trap mass spectrometry Metabolites parent ion CE ion Citric acid 191 87 25eV D-Frutose-6-phosphate dipotassium salt 259 97 27eV Dipotassium D-Glucose-6-phosphate 259 97078.9 27eV 2-ketoglutaric acid 145 101 18eV Glutamic acid 146 128 20eV Fumaric acid 115 71 20eV Pyruvic acid 87 87 10eV Aspartic acid 132 88 27eV Succitric acid 117 73 27eV Isocitric acid trisodium salt hydrate 191 1110173.1 27eV Table 3.
The molecule (carboxymethyl-{4-{10 -(4-dicarboxymethylaminobenzyl)anthracen-9-ylmethyl}phenyl}amino) acetic acid dipotassium salt (CDAPAP) has shown a strong preference for Zn(II) with the interference of other metal ions.
Substrates and Test Compounds: 0.05 M solutions of the following were sterilized by filtration: glucose, sucrose, D-glucose-6-phosphate disodium salt, D-glucose-1-phosphate dipotassium salt, sodium citrate, cis-aconitic acid, and [alpha]-ketoglutaric acid.
[alpha]-D-[2-[sup.13]C]Gal-1-P ([2-[sup.13]C]Gal-1-P) dipotassium salt [atomic percent excess, 99%] was purchased from Omicron Biochemicals, Inc.
Q There have been articles in the literature that indicate we should consider changing our ethyl-enedamine tetraacetic acid (EDTA) hematology vacuum tubes from the tripotassium to dipotassium salt. Why have these recommendations been made?