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bony fishes of the southern hemisphere that breathe by a modified air bladder as well as gills

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III: Ceratodontidae (Peces, Osteichthyes, Dipnoi) de la Formacion Coli Toro y de otras unidades del Cretacico tardio de Patagonia y Sur de Mendoza.
This view is consistent with observations of lungfish dental anatomy, including Tomes (1882), Peyer (1925), Bemis (1984), and Smith & Krupina (2001), all of whom noted the sustained growth and redeposition of dental plates in Dipnoi.
Albeit there are those latterday scientists who would tend instead to award the ancestral palm to the lung-fish (Dipnoi).
Indeed, these three copies of Aqp2 are thought to be basal forms of the triad of Aqps (Aqp2, -5, and -6) otherwise found in land animals (Dipnoi, lungfish also have single copies of Aqp2; Finn et al., 2014).
The North American fossil record of Cretaceous Dipnoi is scant, with few reports from the Cenomanian other than Ceratodus gustasoni from the Dakota Formation of southern Utah (Kirkland 1987).
and Nostolepis sp.; and the sarcopterygians Glyptolepis sp., Porolepiformes indet., Conchodus sp., Dipnoi indet.