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Barka, "Biosorption potential of Diplotaxis harra and Glebionis coronaria L.
(ii) Total phenolic constituents (iii) Ascorbic acid (iv) Total antioxidant capacity (13) Grape pomace seed and (i) Total phenols skin extracts (ii) Total anthocyanins (iii) Total tannins (iv) Total antioxidant capacity (14) Diplotaxis simplex (i) Total phenols, flavonoids, (Brassicaceae) (flower, and proanthocyanidins leaf, and stem extracts) (ii) Total antioxidant capacity (15) Cereal grains (24 cereal (i) Total phenolic constituents grains from China) (ii) Total antioxidant capacity (16) Some cereals and legumes (i) Total phenolic constituents (ii) Total antioxidant capacity (17) Clusia fluminensis (i) Flavonoids content Planch.
I have already found a patch of greenpea growing at the edge of the rail yard, and the tenacious member of the mustard family, diplotaxis tenuifolia, sprouting from between two cracks in the pavement outside the customs house.
" " Descurainia sophia (L.) Berth " " Diplotaxis hara (forssk.) Boiss " " Erysimum L.
Blattaria Blatellidae Parcoblatta fulvescens (Saussure & Zehnter) Coleoptera Cantharidae Polemius laticornis Say Chrysomelidae Caryobruchus gleditsiae (Linnaeus) ([dagger]) Hemisphaerota cyanea (Say) Neochlamisus insularis (Schaeffer) Unknown Coccinellidae Exochomus childreni (Mulsant) Lycidae Plateros flavoscutellatus Blatchley ([dagger]) Scarabaeidae Boreocanthon probus (Germar) Diplotaxis bidentata LeConte ([dagger]) Euphoria limbalis Fall ([dagger]) Hypotrichia spissipes LeConte * Onthophagus hecate blatchleyi Brown Phyllophaga elizoria Saylor * Phyllophaga elongata (Linell) * Serica frosti Dawson * Trigonopeltastes floridana (Casey) *([dagger]) Tenebrionidae Hymenorus sp.
Attia, "Cytomixis and its possible evolutionary role in a Kuwaiti population of Diplotaxis harra (Brassicaceae)," Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society, vol.
Se obtuvieron 38.619 ejemplares que representan a 29 especies de los generos Phyllophaga, Diplotaxis, Paranomala, Pelidnota, Cyclocephala, Dyscinetus, Strategus, Xyloryctes, Ligyrus, Oxygrylius, Megasoma, Omorgus, Copris, Digitonthophagus, Dichotomius, Hybosorus y Ptichopus.
You might also like to search out Diplotaxis erucoides, a form of wild rocket and bunias orientalis, the Turkish rocket, but take care as they can become weeds if not managed well.
Wild Arugula or Selvatica (Diplotaxis erucoides) is a wild and spicier form of arugula with smaller leaves, hardy enough to overwinter in zone 3, heat tolerant, slower to bolt than garden arugula.
0 0 1 1 2 Canthon imitator Brown 0 10 134 2 146 Diplotaxis brevicornis Cazier 0 1 0 0 1 Diplotaxis sp.
Genetic relationships among species of the genus Diplotaxis (Brassicaceae) using inter-simple sequence repeat markers.