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ii) Total phenolic constituents (iii) Ascorbic acid (iv) Total antioxidant capacity (13) Grape pomace seed and (i) Total phenols skin extracts (ii) Total anthocyanins (iii) Total tannins (iv) Total antioxidant capacity (14) Diplotaxis simplex (i) Total phenols, flavonoids, (Brassicaceae) (flower, and proanthocyanidins leaf, and stem extracts) (ii) Total antioxidant capacity (15) Cereal grains (24 cereal (i) Total phenolic constituents grains from China) (ii) Total antioxidant capacity (16) Some cereals and legumes (i) Total phenolic constituents (ii) Total antioxidant capacity (17) Clusia fluminensis (i) Flavonoids content Planch.
Phyllophaga yaqui, Diplotaxis ambigua, Dyscinetus picipes and Xyloryctes corniger, are recorded for the first time in the state of Sinaloa.
verticillata, Sonchus oleraceus, Diplotaxis tenuifolia, Eragrostis lugens.
A revision of the genus Diplotaxis (Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae, Melolonthinae).
Essig (1953); Datura stramonium: Smith (1971); Daucus carota: Smith (1971); Diplotaxis murale: Valencia et al.
Density and reproductive success in wild populations of Diplotaxis erucoides (Brassicaceae).
The "6-mo-old field" (6MF) had been mown twice a year prior to the study, with Diplotaxis erucoides, Cirsium arvense, Sonchus oleraceus, Papaver dubium, and Bromus madritensis the most common species at the time of the study.
cinnamomea (Blanchard, 1850) Diplotaxini Diplotaxis puncticollis Moser, 1918 Diplotaxis hirsuta Vaurie, 1958 Diplotaxis simplex Blanchard, 1850 Diplotaxis consentanea Bates, 1887 Diplotaxis sp.
Walker) Periplaneta australasiae (Fabricius) Blattellidae Cariblatta lutea Saussure & Zehntner Neuroptera Chrysopidae Nodita floridana (Banks) Coleoptera Carabidae Calleida fulgida Dejean Cymindis limbalis Dejean Galerita bicolor (Drury) Lebia viridis Say Scarabaeidae Diplotaxis bidentata LeConte Euphoria limbalis Fall Euphoria 2 sepulchralis (Fabricius) Trichiotinus 6 lunulatus (Fabricius) Trichiotinus 6 rufobrunneus (Casey) Trigonopeltastes 18 delta (Forster) Trigonopeltastes 3 floridana (Casey) Scirtidae Cyphon sp.
Ontogenic profiling of glucosinolates, flavonoids, and other secondary metabolites in Eruca sativa (salad rocket), Diplotaxis erucoides (wall rocket), Diplotaxis tenuifolia (wild rocket), and Bunias orientalis (Turkish rocket).
It has also been isolated from Diplotaxis tenuifolia roots by Delaveau and Paris (1958) and D.
In order to know the most important components of its diet, as well as its feeding preferences and the possible consumption of the foreign specie Diplotaxis tenuifolia, two different laboratory assays were carried out.
307 especimenes que representan 4 subfamilias, 11 tribus y 57 especies de los generos: Calomacraspis, Macraspis, Pelidnota, Chrysina, Anomala, Strigoderma, Cotinis, Hologymnetis, Euphoria, Golofa, Strategus, Cyclocephala, Tomarus, Bothynus, Phyllophaga, Diplotaxis, Polyphylla, Isonychus, and Chnaunanthus.